Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Baking day

Today I decided to do some baking with Faith. We had bought some sugar sprinkles and chocolate flakes yesterday for decorations.
First things first - the cake cases.
Fun with the mixer.
A couple of spoons full into each case.
All ready for the oven.
Out of the oven and cooling.
I did the icing and Faith did the decorating.

After going through my boxes she came across these decorations, they seem rather appropriate as it's almost Easter. The one with blue hat is for Sallie, the pink hat is Faith's and mine is the baby one.

This one is for Grandad of course!

Next we tried making cheese scones.

Faith did most of this, she was very good at this first part.
I added the milk and formed it into dough ready for her to roll and cut out.
She enjoyed putting the milk glaze on them.
They are very yummy!!
This last picture is just for Kaz, to prove that I did get help with the washing up. In fact Faith did the whole lot apart from the baking trays.