Tuesday, 5 July 2011

More beads

A couple more beaded bracelets to show, this time on memory wire.

I’ve used the whole piece of about 5 loops to create these two.

SAM_0533This first one uses creamy white seed beads and Chinese crystal bicones.

SAM_0532I wanted a more wintery feel to this one so used seed beads in an aubergine colour and matched them with larger beads in a similar shade in both matt and pearlescent finishes. A lot of my winter wardrobe is in burgundy so this should go well with it.

They are very easy to make as it’s just a matter of threading the beads but the wire is very stiff so making a loop in the ends to keep the beads on can be a little tricky. I actually broke one of the crystals doing this and had to replace it.

I should have had 2 more to show using half the amount of loops but my daughter was here at the weekend and tried them on. Strangely she ‘forgot’ to take them off when she left.

Sue xx