Thursday, 13 October 2011


This was a new craft introduced to me back in May, along with my daughter I covered 4 letters to go in the kitchen on a canvas. Sadly i’ve not finished the project.

However at the recent ICHF show in Cardiff I came across the stand selling the items and paper to cover them.

These geckos are something i’d noticed before and to me this paper seemed to be made especially for them.


The canvas measures about 16x20 inches and has distress ink in orange and green shades roughly rubbed over it.SAM_0850

This is the large gecko done in a stone colour paper with brown veining. It looks like cracked paint. The smaller ones are done in a lovely bright green with dark green veining. Where i’ve not layered so much paper the colour of the mdf gives them an almost yellow tinge.

SAM_0849The canvas is ready to go on the wall now, in the hallway right by the front door.

Sue xx