Thursday, 13 November 2014

Stitching not knitting.

Not sure if i've shown these little blankets before, which I call 'cuddly comforters' but i've just made this one for an order. 

It's triple stitched for durability like the baby ones I make but this is more suitable for a toddler who has maybe outgrown his baby one or simply 'loved it to death'. 
The fabric is nice and bright with trucks and cars etc. sure to please any little boy. The ribbons and braids complement the colours and the fleece backer is nice and cuddly.
I have cupcake fabric for the little girls as well. 

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Oh dear!

I was asked by a fb friend this evening for an idea for a card and rather than look through my picture files for the image I had in mind I looked through my blog. I knew i'd blogged a card with it on. Imagine my dismay when I discovered my last post way way back in March of this year. I started blogging my knitwear then after no posts for a while.
I think it's about time i started again as i've been so busy and have a lot of new things to blog about. That's the problem though - i'm so busy making things I never think to write about them.
For example this afternoon I finished off a batch of cards for my neighbour then took them over to her and never thought to take photos. Oh well, i'll have to get the camera out tomorrow and make a start.