Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Oh dear!

I was asked by a fb friend this evening for an idea for a card and rather than look through my picture files for the image I had in mind I looked through my blog. I knew i'd blogged a card with it on. Imagine my dismay when I discovered my last post way way back in March of this year. I started blogging my knitwear then after no posts for a while.
I think it's about time i started again as i've been so busy and have a lot of new things to blog about. That's the problem though - i'm so busy making things I never think to write about them.
For example this afternoon I finished off a batch of cards for my neighbour then took them over to her and never thought to take photos. Oh well, i'll have to get the camera out tomorrow and make a start.

1 comment:

Sallie Ward said...

That's not good. You've got plenty to blog about xx