Thursday, 13 September 2012

It's Official!

As from the end of last month I can now say I am retired not a housewife as I hit the age of 60 and am now officially retired.
I had a super day for my birthday, relaxing by the swimming pool in sunny Tenerife, followed in the evening by a special meal at our favourite restaurant where the Manager had a table waiting for us. He even gave us complimentary champagne cocktails and an extremely large piece of chocolate cream cake complete with candle.

We managed to get a photo with Yussef the restaurant manager who remembers us from previous years. Of course one of the regular friendly waiters managed to sneak in as well.   

I was very spoilt with my pressies as Mick gave me a voucher for a helicopter flight, something which has been on my 'wish list' for many years. I'm not sure when we will make the flight but we'll be going from Cardiff airport hopefully so we can see more of the area wher we live.
Before we were married he bought me a pair of ear-rings to match my engagement ring but i'd not worn them more than a handful of times so I suggested having them made into a pendant. He collected it before the holiday but i'd not seen it so it was a lovely surprise for my birthday.

It's much more practical for me now and will get worn more i'm certain.

He also bought me a Wales Rugby shirt, not that i'm particularly interested in the sport, I just fancied having the shirt and it's proven to be really warm in the cooler evenings since we've been home.
Sallie came to stay the weekend we got home and amongst other things gave me a voucher for a spa day. We're hoping to use this at the end of the month and have a relaxing massage as well as a gym and swim session together.

We went into Cardiff yesterday and I collected my bus pass for free travel within Wales, makes me feel really old but at least it's a decent photo ;-)

I'm not sure how this post will turn out as i'm using the very slow old pc as my laptop won't access the internet since we've been back home, not sure why but it's very annoying.

Sue xx