Thursday, 8 March 2012

Still no cards.

Over on PreemiesUK facebook page I set myself the challenge of knitting at least 20 items during March. I’m halfway there already with these which are ready to go in the post.

Firstly a few little bonnets, the top left is newborn sized and the smaller ones are from a doll’s pattern but i’m sure they will be ok. They are so quick and easy to do and the pattern ‘pretties’ them up a bit.


Next, sadly, burial gowns and bonnets for tiny babies who don’t survive. I didn’t think i’d find it in myself to be able to knit these but the thought of tiny babies without such clothing is a sadder thought, they all deserve the dignity of clothes.


Now something to raise a smile hopefully.

SAM_1132These are exactly what they appear to be – knitted boobs! Admittedly they do require some stuffing. Midwives in the units use them as an aid to teach new mothers the techniques of breast feeding.

If you'd like to help, even if you don't knit, nip over to PreemiesUk on facebook and take a look at the type of things they collect and recycle. I'm also sending some white fabric which hopefully can be used in cribs and a pack of used postage stamps. Thanks in advance if you do decide to help in any way.

Sue xx