Saturday, 11 January 2014

Sock monkey.

My daughter has been making sock monkeys for a while now, since her friend bought her a book showing how to do them. 
My nephew saw one she had made and requested a football/masculine themed one. We've looked all over but couldn't find socks in the right colour or with the right pattern so it never got done. I finally found a pack in 'sort of' suitable colours and decided to borrow her book and make it for his Christmas present. 
I did a trial one first and sent it to a friend as a get well pressie, she was rather a bright lime green, but I think she looks cute with her little bow, smiley mouth and orange coloured eyes. :-)

I chose orange stripes for my nephew and added a little initial button to his chest. Here is is just hangin' around - typical teenager. My nephew is 15 by the way so a very apt photo.

I have a few more pairs of the striped socks so may well end up making some more of these. I was surprised at how much stuffing they actually need, especially the legs they seem to go on forever. 

Friday, 10 January 2014

New year, new start

It's been an absolute age since I was on here so i'm not sure if anyone is still taking an interest.  Happy New Year if you are reading this, if not then I guess i'm talking to myself - won't be anything unusual there. ;-)

In the past this has mainly been about my cardmaking, I still make cards but not nearly so many as I did and usually write and seal them before realising i've not taken a pic. More than likely i'm now to be found now with knitting needles and yarn in my hand rather than scissors and paper.

My daughter's friend had a baby on the first of the month and over Christmas I knit a couple of hats for him. I also did a pink one just because I liked the design. I intend to do more blue though as our neighbour is expecting a little boy next month.
The design is very easy to knit and has a nice textured pattern which makes it look and feel quite cosy.
 At the moment i'm knitting little preemie sized cardigans in pink and purple fair isle type yarns. 
Check back as I always take pics of my knitting and fully intend to make more regular use of my blog in the future. Thanks for looking.