Saturday, 11 January 2014

Sock monkey.

My daughter has been making sock monkeys for a while now, since her friend bought her a book showing how to do them. 
My nephew saw one she had made and requested a football/masculine themed one. We've looked all over but couldn't find socks in the right colour or with the right pattern so it never got done. I finally found a pack in 'sort of' suitable colours and decided to borrow her book and make it for his Christmas present. 
I did a trial one first and sent it to a friend as a get well pressie, she was rather a bright lime green, but I think she looks cute with her little bow, smiley mouth and orange coloured eyes. :-)

I chose orange stripes for my nephew and added a little initial button to his chest. Here is is just hangin' around - typical teenager. My nephew is 15 by the way so a very apt photo.

I have a few more pairs of the striped socks so may well end up making some more of these. I was surprised at how much stuffing they actually need, especially the legs they seem to go on forever. 


Foxycrafts said...

These are so cute! :-)

Sallie Ward said...

MONKEE!!! :-D xxx