Saturday, 10 January 2009

Flower soft

This is my first attempt at using the Flower soft my Mum bought me back in August. I'm quite pleased with it but think I need to invest in a few more colours. I layered the Flower soft topper onto silver card before putting it onto a landscape white card. Peel-off corners and wording finished it off.


I have twin neices who celebrate their 18th birthdays soon. They are totally different to each other and at this age don't need things to be the same but I still wanted to recognise the fact that they are twins so used images from the same Cd for each.
The images are taken from Walk in Wonderland Cd by My Craft Studio.
The first one has the addition of a couple of flowers and glitter glue on the dragonfly wings. The other has a scattering of small flowers and glitter glue on the flower centres. I have printed inserts in a paler shade of each to make them a bit more special.

Same colours, different Club.

After the previous posting I was asked by a friend to make a similar card with a Liverpool theme. Mick was also hinted at by another workmate.

These cards proved a little more difficult as since the Cd was made Liverpool have had a different manager. I had to find an image of the current one and manipulate it using various programmes to fit onto the banknote.

The one for my friend has been left quite plain for her to personalise while the other has had peel-offs added.

The worrying thing is despite my happy ignorance of football I have quite enjoyed making these cards.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Quick card

Mick came in this morning from work and asked if I could make a card for his workmate whose birthday is today!
Anything golfing or football (Man Utd.) would be ok.

This is a variation of the card I did for our son last February using a Cd i've had for ages.

The hardest part was getting the notes to print as there is something built in to the programme which prevents them being printed anything near true size. Once i'd managed that it was easy just to fan them out and attach to the card. A few peel-offs mounted onto white card and gold paper completed it.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

First cards of the Year

I've not felt like crafting at all yet this year but made myself do a couple of cards using freebie papers yesterday.
They are from the Making Cards magazine in lovely shades of purple and yellow.
It doesn't show on this picture but the toppers are both made up of several layers mounted up with foam pads. The first one is twisted while the second is straight. I think it's called Pyramage. It's a bit of a cheat really as all I had to do was cut out the toppers and add them to cardstock and backing layers of my choice.

I really must get back into making cards but just don't seem to have any ideas despite having quite a few to make for January birthdays.
I've not even been on the 2 forums which I used to visit several times a day. Sorry folks for the lack of input from me so far this year.