Sunday, 31 January 2010

Baby Knitting

I've just finished a couple of baby jackets for a friend whose partner had their first baby on Christmas day.
The girls on the Bubbly Funk forum wanted to see them so here they are.

The pink one is my very favourite baby pattern and I must have knit it up in various colours well over a dozen times now, starting with my own babies.

The lilac one is a pattern I have had for many years but only just recently used, this is only the second time i've knit it. I love the picot edging on the bottom, cuffs and neckline but I hate sewing it all in place!

Mick took them to work with him this morning, I hope they fit. It won't be too much of a hardship to knit something bigger if not.

I'm having a go at a pram blanket now, knit in squares and stitched together, for another friend whose partner is expecting their first baby in April. I'm giving myself plenty of time as I want to knit other things for them as well. All white or cream this time as they don't know if it is a boy or girl.