Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Back online.

At last after a whole month without internet access we are back online.                We moved last month into a new house and have had to wait for the phone line to be connected.

DSC01641[1]This is how the house looked the very first time we saw it back at the end of October last year.

SAM_0050We even went on New Year’s eve to look at the progress. The exterior was complete but we couldn't get close enough to find out what had been done inside. SAM_0170  A month later and the garage had been built and the porch roof added. The drive has been compacted ready for the block paving and the front tidied up a bit. Round the back the patio has been laid and the ground prepared for the turf.SAM_0169From our bedroom window we can just make out the fairy-tale shape of Castell Coch through the trees. The roofs have been tiled now and the leaves are beginning to grow on the trees so we’ll only be able to see the castle during the winter months.

SAM_0195Sallie chose these border tiles for the bathroom, they seem to take on a different colour depending how you look at them.   The ones below are in the en-suite shower room and i’m sure they are not the ones we chose but I love them. They are so textured with small irregular dots covered in what can only be described as glossy accents! SAM_0197SAM_0189This is the business end of the kitchen/diner on the front of the house. We still don’t have any window dressings as we can’t decide what style to have.

Sue xx