Saturday, 2 May 2009

Barry Island

After the Easter weekend was over we went to Barry Island, it's not far from us and is our closest stretch of beach I think.

Sallie wanted to go to see where the tv show Gavin & Stacey is filmed. The arcade is right on the sea front and well advertised!We went for a long walk along the cliff top. We all needed a rest when we got to the end!We walked from the buildings in the background.Faith had a piggy back on the way back. The tide went right out in the afternoon so we bought a bucket and 2 spades and walked down to the sea. It was so far out and quite breezy so we left Sallie and Faith digging up the beach while we went for a cuppa.

Faith had a ride on the 'big' wheel before we left.

Owl sanctuary.

When Sallie came to us for Easter we still had Faith so went out and enjoyed ourselves.
It was a beautiful day on Easter saturday so we went out shopping as we normally do. We ended up at the Festival Village shopping outlet and after spending some of Mick's money went off in search of the Owl Sanctuary. I'm so glad we did as the 3 of us enjoyed it so much, especially Faith as she got to hold the birds.
This is a beautiful owl and Faith was so pleased when she was asked if she wanted to hold it.The birds all had the leather cuffs around their ankles and Faith wore the gauntlet with the ties wrapped around her fingers.

This is a huge bird!

The man brought it over for us to see and told Faith to rest her hand on the fence. He then put the bird on her hand, she needed the support of the fence as it was so heavy.
Here he is sitting up on his perch again.

All the birds have been rescued and are unable to be released into the wild again. We were told of one which had been kept indoors and kept breaking it's wings by flying into the glass in an attempt to get out. It is kept in an aviary with green netting inside to prevent it flying against the wire.


I'm still playing catch up here but have now done week 12 and 14.
Week 12 asked - What am I grateful for right now?
Week 14 asked about the last good book I read. I read lots of books but most of them are easy read paperbacks soi'm not counting them.
Here are my answers. The two stamps are from Magnolia and have been coloured using Whispers brush pens. The artwork and text is from the Walking in Wonderland Cd.