Thursday, 24 July 2008

Chepstow Castle.

We went up to visit family on Tuesday and yesterday we brought our Grandaughter Faith back to spend a few days with us.
Today we went to Chepstow and went to look round the ruins of Chepstow Castle. It really is a massive place and must have been quite something in it's time. It stands right on the banks of the river Wye overlooking England. The river was used to bring food, wine and ale into the Castle, it all being hoisted up from the boats below.
The weather was beautiful and I think Faith was worn out with walking up and down all the steps before we were. She was a bit unsure of some of the stone spiral stairscases, but it was worth the climbs to see the views.

We sat in the grounds outside the Castle and had our lunch and tried to show Faith how to make daisy chains. Grandad's idea of this was to tie the daisies together!


Karen said...

WOW what a place...never been there but its now on my list. I always tend to just drive thu Chepstow as I am so keen to get to the Wye valley which is stunning!

Faith looks a lovely girl Sue, enjoy having her stay X

Janice said...

Looks like you had a fun time there Sue. I love the watering can inflatable, that is great, what a lovely thing for a girl to play in.