Monday, 28 July 2008

Garden Fun

Sallie came to spend a couple of days with us at the weekend. The sun shone and everyone was very hot so Fifi's watering can was made good use of. Of course she was the first to cool off in the few inches of water that we managed to get in there.

That did nothing to help cool her down so we all decided to have a water fight. No pictures of that though as I was too busy wetting Sallie and Faith and avoiding the water being thrown at me.

Late this afternoon black clouds came rolling in and brought lots of rain and a few claps of thunder. Mick rushed inside from the lounger and we all stood by the open doors and just watched the rain come down. Faith joked about it being just like the shower so I picked her up and stood her just through the door - I expected screams and a long face but she surprised us by going in the middle of the lawn to sing and dance in the rain. She had a super time as the pictures show.


tracy said...

bless her :) i love dancing in the rain :)

Angelnorth said...

You should have all joined her - looks like great fun!

Glitter Monkey said...

What a wonderful blog entry Sue - she looks so happy and carefree. How wonderful for you. Lol Lynn x

Karen said...

hee hee so this is what Sallie got up too!!!

I love dancing in the rain too but only in the summer X