Monday, 4 August 2008

Cardiff Festival

While Sallie and Pete were here with us over the weekend we went to Cardiff and on saturday managed to see the parade going past the Castle. Sallie and I saw it last year and were amazed at the number of participants and their colourful costumes.

This year there didn't seem to be as many paople taking part but it was still well worth seeing, especially as we had the castle walls as a backdrop.

The Red Dragon radio station were doing an outside broadcast and there was an open air stage with live bands and a fun fair. We just stood around eating burgers, it really was too hot and sunny to do much else.

Usually when you walk through the shopping streets there are a few attractions to look at. This person has been there almost every time and always has a group of onlookers around him. He manages to stand totally still until someone drops a coin for him. Little girls get blown a kiss, older girls get a kiss on the hand and boys get a hand shake.

Sallie decided she would give a coin but instead of kissing her hand he held onto her shopping bag. She was desperate not to let him take it as she had just bought her holiday 'frillies' and bikini.


tracy said...

what great shots sue :) do you think he saw where the bag was from and took it from her to give her a worry :) LOL

Hazel said...

What a tease he was taking her bag! What colourful costumes at the parade.

Karen said...

What stunning costumes!!!! Hope Sallies frillies were unsullied!! X

Sallie said...

Mother!! I can't believe that you 'mentioned' what was in my shopping bag!!!
You're right... you are embarassing!!!!

Paul said...

Great pics looks like lots of fun. Never been to Cardiff carnival. I enjoyed the Swansea one last year but won't make it this year as I'm away - guess this is the closest I'll get this year!
Diolch am rannu

Di said...

Ha ha, I see what you mean about the statue....fantastic wasn't he!!