Monday, 8 September 2008

Back Home

We've just come back from 2 weeks in Tenerife where we have a timeshare apartment. Sallie met us there for the first week, she travelled from East Midlands while we flew from Birmingham.

We don't normally take many photos as we go there most years just to relax and lie by the pool in the sun.

This year however as we came out of the shopping centre one night we heard music and came across an acrobatic troope performing in the square.

This person managed to keep the pot balanced for what seemed like ages as he tossed it around on his head, shoulders and back.

The strength and balance of this man was amazing as he was handed chair after chair to balance on each other before doing incredible stunts at the top.

We took a walk one day and found a new shopping centre which has a water display with fountains. It was advertised as having a water and light display so we went along on our last night to have a look and were not disapointed.

There was music playing and the coloured lights and water seemed to perform in time to it. Very loud and very colourful and certainly worth a visit when we go back another year. Finally a couple of pics of the 2 of us by the water.


tracy said...

great pictures sue :)

GezzyB said...

Looks wonderful, can't believe the man and all those chairs!! Glad you liked the water and light show.

Karen said...

WOW that man and his chairs is amazing Sue!!! Like your tan honey X

Angelnorth said...

Wow, those acrobats look amazing - not sure I'd fancy being at the top of that pile of chairs! Looks like you had a lovely time :o)

Hazel said...

There's no way you'd get me at the top of the chairs! Great pictures, Sue. I love Tenerife, although we haven't been able to go there now for a few years.

Janice said...

Looks like you had a great time Sue, imagine being able to go about in a tshirt at night - not in the UK this year!