Saturday, 11 October 2008

Sunshine & Football

We decided to take a ride out today and visit somewhere new. We ended up in Abergavenny, a busy market town with castle ruins and great views. It just so happens that there was a craft market taking place in the market hall. I didn't buy anything but was amazed at the amount of stalls selling handmade cards, I don't know how they manage to make any money with so many of them in the one place but it was interesting to see what was on offer.

On our way out we took a walk up to the castle ruins and admire the views over the distant hills.

The sun made it almost feel like summer again and as you can see hardly a cloud in the sky.

We had to be back for Mick to watch the England football match on television. This is the sight I came downstairs to find. He tells me now he would like England footie socks for Christmas!! Note he's playing on MY Nintendo DS again.


Gez said...

Nice one Mick!
Hope you get the socks! :)

Kaz said...

Ha ha! Good to see he gets in the spirit of it!!

Fab photos of your trip out.

Karen said...

hahahahahaha bless him!!! Was it half time???????

Abergavenny is in a lovely part of the country and I was in that castle a few weeks ago too!