Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Cute & Cuddly

Look what my neighbour just brought round.
She left me a 'cosmetics' brochure a couple of weeks ago, i'm sure you know the name.
I couldn't resist the picture of this little fellow even though i'm not sure who he will go to live with. He's so soft and cuddly with his own little scarf and can be warmed up on the radiator as he has plastic beads inside to hold the heat.
I think I may need to order another!


Karen said...

Oh Sue...he is gorgeous!!! Bet you get another one haha X

Gez said...

He looks fabulous, what a great idea as well. (warm up beans)
Hope you get to get another one Sue. :)

Kaz said...

I think he should live with you in your new craft room. He's gorgeous.

Billie said...

I'm with Kaz definately looks like a crafting companion to me.