Monday, 22 December 2008

A bit of rough!

Take your minds out of the gutter right now.
I meant a bit of rough icing on my Christmas cake.
I don't go in for smooth edges and fancy piping on my cake just the good old snow effect with a couple of embellies on top.
The poor angel looks as though she's stuck in a snowdrift.
It looked as though it had snowed in our kitchen by the time I had finished, the icing sugar just seems to fly everywhere.
Maybe it will get cut at Christmas this year, it's usually well into the new year before we touch it.


Karen said...

Now that looks like my kind of cake Sue...yummy! X

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous cake Sue. made me titter about the angel caught in a snow drift....x

Hazel said...

Well done for winning that candy. The cake looks great - I know what you mean about it not being cut at Christmas, although now I don't even make one because neither of us eat it - I will, however, make a chocolate yule log.

Net said...

Poor angel! ;) Looks a nice cake Sue.

Kaz said...

It looks lovely Sue, even though I don't like Christmas cake. It is exactly how mum used to do her icing.

Gez said...

Oooh, looks lovely Sue.

I hadn't noticed the angel in peril till you mentioned it, then I couldn't stop coughing for laughing!!

Enjoy.. xxx