Tuesday, 19 May 2009

NRC challenges

A group of ladies from the Bubbly Funk forum took themselves off on friday for a long weekend of crafting fun, those of us left behind were not to be forgotten as Kathy arranged a last minute Non Retreaters Crop. Referred to as the NRC.
I have combined 2 of the challenges in this little book. It is just over 4 inches square, covered in paper from K & co, fastened with a length of ribbon and decorated with fabric flowers and funky star brads.

The first is a 10 minute mini book and the second a photo challenge.

10 minutes my ar*e it took me longer than that to choose my papers! Add 2 phone calls from Sallie and Mick arriving home from work.

It is a very easy book to make though and all the papers are from K & co. The photo challenge was set by Hazel who gave us a subject matter every couple of hours during saturday and sunday. The initial letters of which were B.U.B.B.L.Y.F.U.N.K.
Sallie was here and took part in some of them and we had great fun both looking for old pictures and taking new ones.
I printed them all out and combined them into this book.
BLUE - my slippers.
UNDERNEATH - my crafting workspace.BEAUTY - Faith in her frilly pink dress. BOTTLES - the booze is hidden behind the soft drinks!LEATHER - Sallie wearing her stripey socks with my shoes.YOURSELF WHEN YOU WERE YOUNG - me aged 20 on holiday in Spain.FACES - Sallie and Me this Easter in Barry Island.UP ABOVE - the snow seen through the conservatory roof earlier this year. NATURE - the view from our veranda in the Dominican Republic a couple of years ago.KNITTED - a couple of garments i've just finished for my niece's baby boy.
I did the writing by hand (can't you tell!) on white card cut into ovals with Nestabilities.


Karen said...

lol at you taking longer than 10mins Sue...that would be me too!!!

I love your little book & your interpretation of the photo prompts! X

Hazel said...

Wow! You have done so well with this, Sue (I haven't even printed my pictures yet, but it's on my list!) - a lovely reminder of the weekend x

Janice said...

Great job Sue!

Angelnorth said...

This turned out great, love the simple and consistent layout - great little reminder of the weekend!

Sallie said...

Very nice Mum - I want to try and have a go at it - just need someone nice to print me the pics off though...!!

Sal xx

Tracey said...

A super book and an inspiration to try as it isnt too big and daunting