Saturday, 20 June 2009

Oh Dear!

Sallie left her job yesterday and is on holiday now before starting a new one at the end of the month. To celebrate leaving she is going out with her friends next friday in fancy dress.

She is going to be a fairy but she didn't want to be a traditional pretty pink one. Trawling all round Cardiff last weekend and being unable to find anything suitable I agreed to make the skirt she wanted.

We bought black, cerise and white net, getting home we realised we had no black fabric for the waistband so went out and bought a black dye to dye a scrap.
Dying my fingers in the process and ending up having to scrub them with bleach!!
After several attempts we finally came up with the idea of attaching the net pieces to the waistband and used ribbons to tie the skirt in place.

Easier said then done!

She tried it on and decided the layers were too heavy so out came the scissors again and zig zags and points were cut into the fabric. Cerise glitter glue was put on the points of the black net and allowed to drip.

Out into the garden then to view the complete outfit - complete with killer heels and fairy wings. On the night she will add spray glitter to the skirt, her hair and anything else that stays still long enough.
I had silver glitter tried out on one arm and multi colour on the other and our friend went to work with silver on his arm when he didn't run fast enough. He escaped before she got to his hair.
Goodness only knows what she was laughing about in this one or what the neighbours thought we were up to. That's without a drink inside her as well!
Oh the joys of being young again. Watch out Ashby de la Zouch next weekend!


Karen said...

ooo Sallie looks fabulous Sue. Have you got the ink off yet hahahahaha! X

Sallie said...

Thanks for putting these on Mum!!! It was a good night though :-) xxx