Thursday, 30 July 2009

My Canvas

This is my canvas prepared in the same way as Faith's with a pale green base coat. It measures about 7x9.5 inches.
I'm quite pleased with it for a first try but, ever critical of myself, I feel the Paisley designs could be angled better and the flowers spaced differently at the bottom. I know now I should have used acetate instead of card for the stencils so that I could see better where they were being placed.

I made the stencil using Paisley images from the computer and painted them with Brilliance ink. They were decorated them with swirls and spots using Stampin' Up marker pens, although they don't show up too well in the picture.
Seed beads were stitched all around the outline of the design between the small dots.
Thank goodness for the flexibility of beading needles but it does help to try and thread the right end no matter how miniscule the hole!!
I used a Cuttlebug die to make myself a small flower/leaf stencil and used pink and green Brilliance inks.
The flowers here are Primas with a small brad in the centre.These flowers are fabric ones from W H Smith. They have been trimmed a little at the back so that they sit flatter on the canvas and attached with Pin Flair glue.
The ribbon round the edge is from Hobbycraft.In reality the painted images are all slightly shimmery due to the inks used. I'm not sure what I am going to do with mine, probably hang it in my craft room once we have decorated as the colours are what I would want in there.


Karen said...

WOW you are patient Sue...sewing all those beads on must have taken ages! Your canvas is so lovely and will be just right in your craft room X

Sallie said...

I think the stitching is a really good idea - just finishes it off nicely.
It is a nice and simple design, unlike Faiths!!!
Is it my turn next?!?!?!

Love You xxxxxx

Gez said...

Its beautiful Sue.xx

Will look great on your wall. :-)