Tuesday, 24 November 2009

An Award

The lovely and very caring Gez sent me this award. I hope she won't mind me saying this but she has come along way in her crafting and is a very multi-talented person.

I have to share 5 facts about myself and then pass the award to 7 other deserving people so that we can find out a little about them as well.

1. I love chicken.

2. I'm addicted to facebook.

3. I have a phobia about certain reptiles and can't even bring myself to type the word 's***e' Ughh makes me go cold to think about it!

4. I never drink tea while I am out but rarely drink anything else at home.

5. I'm a very messy crafter!

Well a very random few facts about myself, lets see what my awardees come up with. It's so hard not to take hints from the person who sent it on.

Have fun ladies!


Janice said...

Thanks for the award Sue. Interesting to find out more about you! I'll do this later.

Hazel said...

Thanks so much for this, Sue - I'll blog about it. Good to get to know you a bit better x

Janice said...

I've blogged my facts now Sue.