Saturday, 16 January 2010

A Round Tuit!

Can't believe it was early December when I last Blogged so I thought i'd better get around to it again.
I have good excuses really for not blogging.

In mid december I went into Hospital for planned surgery, however when the Consultant did her rounds I discovered i'd had a hysterectomy as well as the planned repairs 'down below'.
I was in Hospital for 5 days but really was not up to crafting or much else before our computer went on the blink.

On 27th December my Dad passed away so that really took any inclination I had for crafting and anything else right out the window as you can imagine.
Since then time has passed in a blur of travelling and arrangements but is slowly beginning to get back to something like normality. I still can't concentrate much on crafting but do have a card to get on here at some time which i've done for my niece's 21st birthday which is tomorrow.
I've made a calendar as well but that's not goint to be shown because I forgot to check the pages were in the right order before I bound it and had to prise the whole thing apart and try again. Consequently the wires are a bit squiffy so i'll keep it to myself.

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Rosie (Freycob) said...

Sue, sending you hugs. I hope things are healing well and are settling down for you too.