Sunday, 28 February 2010

Man Utd. v Cardiff City

I think in this case Cardiff come out on top!

I made these 2 cards using the same image and backing papers, from Peerless Designs Teddies Friends Cd. One in red for my son and one in blue for a friends son. Both with matching envelopes.
The only difference is the way in which I used the backing paper. I much prefer the way it has turned out on the blue card. The colour helps as well I think as it is so much brighter.
Either way Ashley loves his Manchester United card.


Scrappy~Sarah said...

Great Cards :)

Caroline said...

Fab cards Sue...x

Angelnorth said...

I agree - go Cardiff! Both great male cards though, Sue!

Sallie said...

Very nice as far as 'football' goes!! :0) I like the blue one aswell - alot brighter & happier I think xxx