Saturday, 1 May 2010

Wreck this Journal

I've had this book for a few weeks now and after I got over my initial belief that books should be looked after and kept in good condition I am quite enjoying the various tasks. My first thing was to break the spine and bash it about a bit. I sent it unwrapped through the post but it came back in perfect condition! All that my son could bring himself to do was curl up the front corner. I must have brought him up well to respect books.
This is how it looks at the moment, doesn't close properly because of things glued into it but also because it has been wet under the shower and dried out.

These are my 'white' pages, My favourite at the moment I think. I've heat embossed and stuck various things in. I'll probably keep adding onto these as I think of things.

This is the first page I did with ink covered fingers.

I gave Mick a haircut yesterday and saved the hair for this picture. Mine would be too grey to see on the white paper!

Oh I really enjoyed doing this page! Scratching away with my scalpel and pokey tool.

I found this page after Sallie had gone home the other weekend. She wouldnt let me do anything to hers!
My 4 letter word page - all of them clean, I don't go in for swearing especially the 4 letter ones. I'll add to this as the fancy takes me.

Just a few things on this page at the moment. I pricked my thumb with my pricking tool and it bled so I squeezed it to get enough to put on the page.
It's not really wrecked yet judging by some of the things Sallie tells me she has done with hers in the past week, making a lead and taking it for a walk in her lunch break across the road and into the park!!!


Paddy said...

Well done. I'm still too scared to do anything to mine yet! I did tie a ribbon round it when I was at Leigh's last weekend, and dragged it round the garden for a bit and bashed it against the wall!!!!

Angelnorth said...

Looks like you're getting into the spirit and having fun with it Sue!

Janice said...

Gosh I need to get back to mine Sue. You are doing a great job wrecking it.

Kaz said...

Brilliant Sue, you've done more than me xx

Karen said...

hahahaha thats the spirit Sue!!! Its looking great X

Traceyr said...

Wonderful white page Sue. hahaha to the stain page with the blood. I haven't got a back cover now on mine since taking it into the shower.


Hazel said...

You're doing so well with your wrecky journal, Sue. I haven't yet sent mine through the post, but it's been in the shower and looks in much the same state as yours - I must get on sometime and do some more of the pages, having had a flourish when I first got it x

Sallie said...

Very good - wait til you see mine though!! :-)
Hard to wreck it at first, but when you get going... :-D xxx

Gez said...

FANTASTIC Sue... it's been great catching up with your blog. I do love what you did with Mick's hair!
Lovely to see you getting into the spirit. Can't wait to see more.xx