Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Not much to show!

What a numpty!!!
The first time i've blogged in absolutely ages and i've very little to show. I've been making cards as when i've felt like it using new stamps and a new Cd. I have 5 birthdays coming up in July so decided to get the inserts printed and written all ready for when they are needed. Like an idiot I wrote the envelopes and sealed the cards inside before I realised i'd not photographed a single one of them.
I had 3 birthdays in June as well and forgot to photograph any of those cards either so will have to make do with a card I made way back in May for my great niece.
The images are from the Forever Friends cd by DoCraft.
I had a play and decided I couldn't really get on with the graphics package included with it so imported the images into MCS Pro and manipulated them that way. I printed the insert to match with lots of stars and ice cream sundaes, just right for a 3 year old.
Memo to self - photograph cards as soon as they are made in future.
Oh, i've had to put comment moderation on as some kind soul keeps posting ads for adult meds. They only do it one posting but quite persistantly keep commenting on an almost daily basis. annoying or what??!?

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Gez said...

Beautiful card Sue. What a clever idea printing a matching insert. Gorgeous. :)
Sorry to hear your blog has been targeted. What a pain.