Friday, 26 October 2012

Cheating already

I've not done any cardmaking today so i've bent the rules of Kathy's challenge a little and am showing not a card but something made from card.
I needed something on which to display any necklaces that I make so searched and came up with this little stand. The necklace on it is not one of my creations I hasten to add.
The template came from boo-jewellery and is very easy to download and make.
I've used quite thick card and brads in the folded areas at the bottom to make it sturdier. It's all explained on the website, there's even a smaller one for earrings although it does say on this that holes can be punched to display earrings as well. I've just got to round off the edges a bit to take the sharpness away on the 'shoulders'. 2 of these can be made from 1 A4 sheet of card.


Hazel said...

This is a great idea and doesn't seem to be a cheat at all. x

Kathy said...

oh, it's lovely Sue

Anice said...

Who cares that it's not a looks great! This would be fantastic for anyone who sells their jewellery. Make it all look very classy. Great job!
Anice xx

Eleanor Bell said...

What a great idea to share.