Sunday, 25 August 2013

Chunky braid

Close on the heels of my first kumihimo braid bracelet comes this 2nd one.
I couldn't sleep at all on friday night and after just an hour in bed decided to get up and go into my craft room. The discs were still out so I had another go with the thicker cords and got on with them much better.

This is the result .......
It looks tiny but that's only because the cords are so thick, the end caps are 6mm as opposed to 3mm on the other one. The findings came with the ring for an embellishment so I used this silver toned teardrop which is recycled from broken jewellery given to me. I love the colours of this and the cord and resulting braid is very soft and pliable with a lovely sheen to it.


Net said...

Sue that is just stunning!

Gez Butterworth said...

Goodness! That is AMAZING!
Very well done Sue! You got to keep this one! Early birthday present :-))

Tricia said...

Wow do like those bracelets.