Friday, 9 August 2013

Coming along nicely

Well this was to be my 'dark night' project to keep me occupied while hubby is working nights but I can't leave it alone for long.
I'm continuing with my blues and purples as planned. I had thought the white was a little too bright but it's blended in ok and now I think the 'Cadbury' purple may be a bit too dark but I suppose that will change as other shades are added.
I'm finding it easier to work on now, as the piece gets larger it somehow gets easier to handle. Not sure at what size it will become harder to manage.

Just have to include a photo of the orchid i've been nursing along for the past year. It was bought for me for Christmas 2011 and produced lots of lovely flowers but they died off gradually and for the last 15 months or so i've just had leaves. I bought some drip feeders for it in May and it produced a stem at last and now I have 5 beautiful flowers and several more buds. 
Not a very good pic i'm afraid.


Gez Butterworth said...

Absolutely LOVE seeing your crochet grow! It's looking superb Sue :-)
Well done with the flowers, I've never managed to get them to re-flower!
Hope you have a lovely

Anonymous said...

Love the colours on your crochet :-) and well done on your orchid, they're so beautiful but you need a bit of a knack! X

Anonymous said...

Don't have the patience to keep an orchid once its flowered so well done you.

Loving the colour combination on the crochet

Gemma said...

Lovely.... I am thinking about starting to learn to crochet.. no idea where to start mind! Love the colours you have used.. x Gemma aka Admin Spuggle popping over from the forum x

Tricia said...

I do like lilac and the colours there definately compliment one another. I grow orchids too and have several on the go and in flower. I tend to let the medium dry out in between watering and only use cooled boiled water with a small amount of orchid fertiliser. Plus mine are kept on a sunny windowsill.