Monday, 2 June 2008

Not crafting

I've not managed any crafting this weekend as Sallie came to stay and brought Evie and the kittens to show us. They are 2 weeks old now but this is the first time we have seen them, apart from photos.

They are absolutely beautiful and real bundles of fluff. She has named them Millie, Tillie, Lillie and Billie as she thinks she has the sex of them right, hard to tell at this stage though.

Evie is a very patient and attentive mum and is very protective towards them, especially when either Mick or myself picked one up.

I felt quite sorry for her as all 4 jostled for a teat at feeding time. They climb all over one another and hard luck on the one underneath!

It's lovely to see them all curled up and nuzzling into each other when Evie takes a break from them

Evie managed some time alone to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air out in the garden.

Sallie cooked a meal for us on saturday evening. Evie could smell the chicken cooking and sat by Sallie the whole time.


Karen said...

Ahhhh Evie is so beautiful, no wonder her kittens are cuties. Love the names X

Angelnorth said...

Awww, glad Evie managed to get a bit of me-time (or should that be mew-time?!). Cute pics!

Caroline said...

Lovely photos Sue - love kittens...aww... I think my doggie Sam would too.....hehe..x