Friday, 26 September 2008

'New' Craft Space

Well these are the pics of my new craft desk and re-organised room.

I had previously worked on a very small desk which we bought about 9 years ago for Sallie to do her homework on.

The desk is looking very tidy and organised at the moment but probably won't stay like that once I get to work. It has a lovely pull out section at one end and we've put a 2 drawer filing cabinet under the other end. I've also got a magnetic notice board.The stacking boxes are full of stamps with a selection of unmounted stamps in Cd cases on top. My Cuttlebug can stay out now and hopefully be used more.
I already had this large storage unit in which I keep my boxes full of papers, card, tools, embellishments, inkpads etc. etc. etc. Also a pile of books and magazines and my card and Atc swaps.
We took the single bed out and replaced it with a sofa bed covered with the quilt and cushions. We'll see how comfy it is to sleep on when Sallie comes tonight.

Just call it my Ikea room 'cos that's where all the furniture apart from the chair came from. We bought the new items on Monday and they were delivered on Tuesday morning and all assembled and in place by yesterday. Mick reckons it is my Christmas present come early.


Karen said...

woo hoo!!!! you must be delighted Sue!!! But its far too tidy hehe XXX

Kaz said...

Oh it's fab Sue!! I think it looks great, but I know it won't look that tidy for long if you're anything like me!!

Well done you!!

Kathy said...

oh look at your fabby workspace.

Now go and make something in it so it looks like a real crafting space, ....and Sue - we want to see the "after" photos!

Angelnorth said...

I agree with Kathy - we need more photos in about a week's time! It looks fab Sue, hope you enjoy working in there! I think that's the same sofa bed we've got in our spare room, my mum and dad always seem to sleep OK on it!

GezzyB said...

I was just thinking the same as Kathy, we'd love to see the 'after' photos. It looks fab, you must be very pleased :)
There's only one thing left to say.....
Merry Christmas!

Janice said...

That is lovely Sue, looking forward to seeing some gorgeous work coming from your craft desk.

Hazel said...

A really fab crafting workplace, Sue - as others have said, it's far too tidy, but I know it won't stay like that.

Traceyr said...

Lovely room Sue I am very jealous.

Traceyr :)

tracy said...

wat a great space to be creative in,still jealous :) have fun in there,bread and jam for tea from now on then!!!!

Billie said...

Hi Sue

Your Craft Room looks fantastic, it must be great to have more room. I wish mine was indoors it is at the bottom of the garden and its getting chilly now!

Congrats and I should say Happy CHristmas then


Anonymous said...

The room looks lovely Sue and very organised and tidy. Like the others have said, you must be brave and publish some 'after' shots too, haha!

ninajeanette said...

I just wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog:

i will add you too on blogs i visit ofcourse, it was very kind of you 2 add me on your list.

Your craft room looks a lot tidier than mine,lol
I will take a picture so you all can see how it look s like at the moment but for my defense(for it looking so bad i mean ) is that i am trying to sort things out, putting things in new boxes etc and the things i never use i want to donate to a 4 th grade class where my best friend twins are in( well they call me mum number 2 so yippiiii)

I wanted to ask you what kind of boxes are u keeoing ur stuff in?

I really have to get things tidyer since we are moving and if i want to have my craft stuf up while we are moving it has 2 be tidy if not my mum will not have it there for me ,lol

and u know girl we cant go very long without crafting ehhh