Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas Bunting

Over on the Bubbly Funk forum a group of us have worked together to make and decorate pieces of bunting. The pieces I received are in the green/red/gold combination but we also made pieces in a blue/white/silver combo for those who preferred it.

red buntingDSC01671

As you can see each one that I made is slightly different.

I had my pieces back last week and this afternoon decided to do something with them so armed with a hole punch, yards of glittery green cord and a large needle I sorted them into order. I ended up on the kitchen floor with them before hanging them from the door to get the spacing right.

I like how they turned out.DSC01779 Thank you everyone who took part, each piece of the bunting is totally different. I'd love to see how the other colour combo worked out.

In close-up.DSC01780DSC01781DSC01782DSC01783

Sue xx


Karen said...

WOW! they look fabulous don't they Sue? I do like how you have strung them....wouldn't have thought of that! xxx

Traceyr said...

I do like the way that you have strung up the bunting vertically.