Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Finishing off

Today I made myself sit and finish off some of the knitted items i've been busy making over the past few weeks.
This little top was so quick and easy to make even with tv and family noise in the background. It only took a couple of evenings.

 This is based on my favourite baby pattern which i've knit many times. I fancied a different yoke to the normal ribbed one so did stocking stitch with garter stitch stripes. The blue fluffy yarn is a nightmare to knit with but ok in these small quantities and just adds a bit of colour.
 This is an old pattern but i've never tried it before. I almost gave up on it after undoing the pattern on the back several times. Strangely enough by the time I finished I hardly needed to look at the instructions. Luckily it knit up quite quickly as it's nice thick aran yarn.
Now I have numerous boxes full of buttons but could I find enough of any one type suitable for this?   Could I heck as like! That's why it has blue gingham ones. I thought the heart one in the middle just gave it a bit more interest.


Angelnorth said...

I hate the sewing up stage when I knit! These look fab, well done on persevering with the aran!

Net said...

They're gorgeous Sue!

tracy said...

aww,these are adorable sue :)

Sallie Ward said...

Awww I'm loving the pink one - very cute!! And the others too xxx