Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Knitting again.

I seem to be spending more and more time knitting nowadays. At one time I would spend all day sitting at my craft desk stamping, colouring and assembling cards but now I seem to be knitting a lot more.
Usually it's tiny clothes for premature babies but when I find a ball of yarn I really like I usually try it out on something larger and use the 'leftovers' for tiny things.
Last month I found a massive 400grm ball of soft green yarn and i'd already got a pattern in mind for it.

This is UKHKA Pattern 85. I love the cabled yoke on it particularly as I don't much care for all the sewing up involved in setting in sleeves.

I like the way the borders are knitted on sideways, the pattern is very good at telling you how many stitches to pick up. I hate having to knit long strips and stretch them to fit - they never do.
Here all the body parts and sleeves are knit and then the cast off edges are picked up and knit on a circular needle to forn the yoke. I love it!

I took a walk round to the craft shop at our local garden centre yesterday to get the green buttons, white ones which I had were just not right for it.

This will go on ebay next time they have free listings. I managed to sell my little aran jacket last time so might be lucky with this one as well. Fingers crossed.


Caroline said...

Lovely knitting Sue. Not knitted anything for ages. Hope it sells well!

Kathy said...

oh, Sue, it's lovely and I really love the colour too

Karen said...

ooo I like that the cables are only on the yoke, sooo pretty Sue! Love the colour you have used. Aren't you a neat knitter my lovely xxx

Gini said...

So pretty Sue, I could never get the hang of cable knitting and your knitting is fabulously neat :-)
Hope you and your daughter are doing great and enjoying the summer!

Hazel said...

This is gorgeous - you're certainly a whizz kid with those pins! x

Traceyr said...

Good luck with ebay and yes the green buttons do look lovely. :)

crafty-mum said...

i love this pattern. it is on my to buy list now!