Sunday, 3 June 2012

Shamballa bracelets

Last weekend I spent a fantastic few days with some crafting friends and these are the bracelets I managed to make with lots of help. At the time I kept getting my knots twisted and got a bit confused. lol

I've since made a few more, this is one I made for my hubby to wear. Just 1 black bead and knots without beads on the end of the adjustable strings.


Gini said...

Hi Sue!
It was great meeting you to! Glad to see the bracelet workshop got you making something new.
I love them and the baby knits :-)
Still haven't been approved for the forum yet!
Hope you are enjoying the Jubilee.

Sallie Ward said...

Really like how the blue and silver one goes together. It makes it look light to go with any outfit xx