Thursday, 1 November 2012

There's a wise old owl......

Just finished these 2 little owl puffs, only 8 more to put features on, stuff and sew up. It's taking as long if not longer to finish them than it did to knit these little birdies.

These 2 stand about 3.5 inches high, but it will depend on the thickness of yarn really, some of the others do vary in size.
As I was sewing them up this morning, when I eventually found the needle, I was reminded of the rhyme we used to teach the children in Playgroup.

There's a wise old owl with a pointed nose
2 pointed ears and claws for his toes,
he sits in a tree and stares at you,
he flaps his wings and cries
twit twoo, twit twoo.

The pattern was a free download from Ravelry and very easy to do, in the end I wasn't referring to the instructions at all. You can find the pattern by Jenna Krupar HERE
They are ideal for using up scraps of yarn, in fact no 2 of mine are the same colourway, even if i've used the same for the base of 3 of them.


Gez said...

Adorable little owls Sue, both so different from the same pattern.. I am not stuck for eyes now, thanks!

Gez xx

Eleanor Bell said...

These are lovely. Great idea to use up little bits.

Kathy said...

ohhhh aren't they cute! these things always take longer to finish than to make - if that makes sense :?

Lynne Robertson Glen said...

Wish I could knit - these are gorgeous :) x

Hazel said...

These are wonderful. I agree that the sewing up can be such a chore - well done for doing it x

Traceyr said...

These are really cute Sue are they going to keep Stitch company?


Jackie said...

They are lovely Sue. I hate sewing up..I've got two cardigans in my knitting bag now which are waiting to be stitched up!