Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Extra Christmas present

I've no crafting to show at the moment as the next knitted project i'm working on is taking quite a bit longer than the little preemie tops. Same pattern just for a 9-12 month old. Add to that the fact i've not been sleeping at all well and therefore not able to settle to much during the day, I think it will be the end of the week before i've anything to show.
the week before Christmas I received  a lovely delivery of carnations through the post, sent by a family member from a well known supplier in Jersey. I've had them before and the blooms look lovely and usually last well over the Christmas period. This year though 2 of them stayed in bud and rotted away rather than opening out. 
I noticed the supplier had a fb page so I contacted them to thank them for the delivery and commented about the 2 failures.
A week later I had a message from them apologising and explaining they would like to make amends. After a few details were sorted I was told I would be sent another delivery and the person who sent them would be getting a voucher. 
This was very unexpected and not the reason I had contacted them but hey i'm not going to say no to free flowers. :-)
These arrived this morning in perfect condition, they are beautiful.
The 2 which are more open at the bottom of the pic and the large leaf greenery are survivors of a bouquet bought on Christmas eve. I can't believe they have lasted so well.

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Sallie Ward said...

These are lovely, it was nice of them to send you another bunch xxx