Sunday, 19 January 2014

Is it just me?

Is it just me who gets tiny holes near the hem of t shirts and tops?

I've just thrown another top away which has got a group of little holes in it.  I think i've discovered the reason for them and when i'm wearing a decent top try to take precautions not to let it happen. 
When i'm standing at the sink washing up my jeans button is on a level with the edge of the worktop and as I move things from the sink to the draining board the button is rubbing through the fabric of my top. Most annoying! 
If I remember I try to turn my top up so it's not covering the button but then I get a cold tummy. ;-)
Good things do come out of this though as the top i've just thrown away had 7 small pink buttons which I can now use for my knitting.

Had to look for the one on the label. 


Nicki Lee said...

Just found your blog Sue.
If there is ever a good reason to get a dishwasher, this is it. Well that's what I'm going to tell myself anyway!
Love from Nicki Lee

Josie said...

I do have little holes appearing, but I blamed the washing machine. My other top trick for ruining clothes is spots of bleach when cleaning the bathroom aarrhh!

Sallie Ward said...

Oh dear. I don't seem to have that problem - maybe it's because Pete does all the washing up?! ;-) xxx