Friday, 14 February 2014

Change of shift

My husband has been working a day shift, monday to friday, for the past 13 weeks but this week started back on his usual shift pattern of 2 days then 2 nights. Last night was the first time i'd been on my own in the evening for what seems like ages. I don't watch a lot of television so decided to keep myself occupied by knitting some tiny hats for prem babies.
These are very quick and easy to do and use up those little leftover balls of yarn.

These are little tea-cosy vent hats, they need sewing up and then have a crochet cord threaded through the row of holes at the top. I'll get some more done today, hopefully using some of this large bag of yarn oddments sitting on the table beside me. 
If anyone wants to find out more about Preemies UK, the group I send these little items to nip over to their page on facebook. You don't need to be able to knit to help out as they do all sorts of recycling as well to raise money to enable them to send out parcels each week to hospitals all over the UK. You can find them (HERE)

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Sallie Ward said...

Ah, these are cute. You'll have to show me the bottom one when it's finished xxx