Saturday, 22 February 2014

Knitted Microbes!

A friend sent me a link on facebook with this challenge

Glasgow City of Science is working with all primary schools in Glasgow on a hand hygiene project in spring 2014 and part of this involves an introduction to microbes. We thought that a good way to introduce this is through small fluffy microbes. Can you help us?

I've got lots of small balls of yarn that i'd been using to knit tiny hats so thought i'd have a change and give these patterns a go. So far i've knit 2 Tuberculosis microbes, 1 Cholera and 1 Salmonella. 

I actually started out by knitting them all the same then added flagella in a different colour to make them into cholera and salmonella. The TB are left plain. salmonella have several flagella all over and cholera has just one on the end. 
I reckon I can get a few more done before I send them off next week. 

Follow this link to find out more and maybe join in and do some knitting yourself. They are all quick and easy to do, the patterns are available free on ravelry through links provided and all can be done on 2 needles or 4. 


Janice Pattie said...

Thanks so much for knitting these Sue. I'll let my nurse consultant friend know, she will be very pleased!

Sallie Ward said...

Very nice, have you knitted me one with 4 legs yet (in pink)?? Love you xx