Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Baby Wipes.

This past few weeks I have trying to make my own backgrounds for the ATC swap on the Stamping Mad forum.
Firstly I used my shimmery watercolour paints on pieces of embossed, patterned loo roll. I did 4 different colour ways. I used a large paintbrush with lots of water and after loading plenty of colour onto the brush just rested my brush on the surface and let the very watery paint spread into the paper. I also let the paint drip from the brush. To finish off I then gave them a blast with the heat gun to help set the colours and dry them out a bit quicker. They were left to dry out completely overnight.

I tried the same effect with various baby wipes but the ones I am most pleased with were on fabric baby wipes as they soaked up the paint better and have an interesting texture.

These have allowed the paint to spread really well and the colours have mingled nicely. Again I used the heat gun to help dry them out but left them to finish drying on their own as they were quite moist still.

There are 2 problems as I see it to using this type of wipe. The first being that they need to be handled quite carefully so as not to stretch the fabric and the second is that the folds that were originally in them are not removed by ironing, therefore they can only be used on small projects.
However in this case as they are intended to be used on ATCs which are only small in size I may be able to work with one section of the wipe and avoid the folds.

As I said I used shimmery watercolour paints which when the brush was rested on the surface of the fabric left a silver sheen, this however does not show up on the scan.

I will post pictures of the finished cards as soon as I have my swaps back. The subject of them was to create our own backgrounds.


Karen said...

I love these affects, all muted & soft. I haven't tried on baby wipes before because I thought it would be too oily. As you say they dry out ok I will give them a go.X

Kaz said...

I'm glad you've said how you made these Sue as I was intrigued when you mentioned it on the forum. They really make a pretty base.