Thursday, 2 April 2009


Week 13 asked..... What was the worst (or best) hairstyle experience to date?

Now i'm either very brave or very foolish to be putting up the answer to this one, please no laughter.

Curly perms were the BIG thing of the late 1970's and I had mine done a couple of times. A quick blast with a water spray bottle in the morning to tighten the curls and you were set for the day.

I can't believe how young I look in this photo. As it's obviously Summer time it must have been August and I know it was 1978 because it was only a few months later that we found out I was expecting our first child.

I know i've skipped a week and missed out Q & A 12 but that one needs more thought. I will get round to it.


Janice said...

That's great Sue. I'm going to do this one too, just got to scan the photo!

Hazel said...

Oh, I likewise remember the curly perms x

Karen said...

Oh Gosh....the curly perms...remember them well lol! Very brave of you Sue X

Beth said...

I remember when I was in school some of my friends were having these curly perms done. I guess I was lucky enough to have curly hair to start, though not as curly as a curly perm, lol. I think this photo is great Sue and it's fun to look back on these times. XX

Angelnorth said...

I bet you loved it at the time though and it sounds low-maintenance - perfect for a young mum!