Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Card display.

For a while now i've been looking for a small easel on which to display my cards for photography. Tried all the local shops and even a large craft show with no luck.

A couple of days ago I decided I must find a way to display the Cd clock I made a few weeks ago as the clock mechanism doesn't have a way to hang it up. I thought of a plate stand which I no longer use and it was perfect.
Then an idea struck me, which it does from time to time, and I tried it to stand a card on and what do you know it worked!

I won't bother looking for an easel now as I have a few of these shoved away in the cupboard.


Gez said...

Wow! that's a clever idea. I've never seen anything like these before. Brilliant. xx

Di said...

What a fantastic way to display your cards Sue xx

Rosie (Freycob) said...

HEHE Sue!!! A true recycler! ;-)

Angelnorth said...

Looks like a great idea to me!

Karen said...

What a brilliant idea Sue...well done! X