Monday, 27 June 2011

I did it!!!

I am so pleased with myself tonight.

After many, many attempts I think I have finally got the hang of crochet. My Nan tried to teach me many times when she was alive and I could never get to grips with it. She used to produce some beautiful things, some of which I still have.

I was given a website address a few weeks back and tried then but couldn’t quite get it right so thought i would have another go.

Suddenly something clicked and I knew what i’d done wrong. I’d always been able to do a simple chain and knew how to hold the yarn and hook but that certain something eluded me.

This is what I managed in only the time it took for my tea to go cold. lol


Now I know my tension is all over the place but what do you expect in my excitement, at least it looks like the picture online and I have the correct number of stitches.

Sue xx


Net said...

Looks perfect to me Sue! What's the next project going to be?

Angelnorth said...

Well done! I'm another one who never really got the hang of crochet - I sort of cracked the little flowers last year but the bug still failed to bite!

Kathy said...

Well done Sue - it looks perfect. You're making me think about looking for a crochet hook andyarn for the first time in years!

Kaz said...

Well done Sue, glad the penny dropped! I still can't make neat flowers but I can make little birds!! Can't wait to see what you make xx

Gez said...

Way to go! I am soooooo happy for you Sue.Xxx